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Oral Papers accepted at ICTD2010

The goal of the ICTD conferences is to provide an international forum for scholarly researchers exploring ICTs applied to development. The conference is academically rigorous and multidisciplinary. Submitted papers were subjected to a double-blind process and evaluated according to their novel research contribution, methodological soundness, theoretical framing and reference to related work, quality of analysis, quality of writing and presentation, and relevance and comprehensibility to a multidisciplinary ICT4D audience.

Details of papers submitted, reviewed, accepted, and presented as oral papers for the ICTD conferences since 2006 are given below:




















Oral 16




Other comparative information about the ICTD conference is given in the charts below:

Number of papers by technology type

ICTd technology

Number of papers by domain

ictd domain

Papers that were accepted for presentation at ICTD2010 are:

(Papers are listed by alphabetical order of family name of first author)

Open Data Kit: Tools to Build Information Services for Developing Regions, Yaw Anokwa, University of Washington; Carl Hartung, University of Washington; Waylon Brunette, University of Washington; Adam Lerer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Clint Tseng, University of Washington; Gaetano Borriello, University of Washington

Mobile Divides: Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Mobile Phone Use in Rwanda, Joshua Blumenstock, U.C. Berkeley; Nathan Eagle, The Santa Fe Institute

Evaluating an Adaptive Multi-User Educational Tool for Low-Resource Regions, Emma Brunskill, University of California, Berkeley; Sunil Garg, University of Washington; Clint Tseng, University of Washington; Joyojeet Pal, University of Washington; Leah Findlater, University of Washington

Understanding the Links Between ICT Skills Training and Employability –  An Analytical Framework, Maria Garrido,  Joe Sullivan and Andy Gordon, University of Washington

Metamouse: Improving Multi-user Sharing of Existing Educational Applications, Kurtis Heimerl, UC Berkeley; Eric Brewer, UC Berkeley; Tapan Parikh, UC Berkeley; Janani Vasudev, UC Berkeley; Kelly Buchanan, UC Berkeley

Technology, Teachers, and Training: Combining Theory with Macedonia’s Experience, Laura Hosman, Illinois Institute of Technology; Maja Cvetanoska,

What Exactly is ‘The Internet”?: The Social Meaning of ICTs and Their Ability to Impact Development , Beth Kolko, University of Washington; Cynthia Putnam

Digital and other poverties: Exploring the connection in four East African countries, Julian May, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Beyond Strict Illiteracy: Abstracted Learning Among Low-Literate Users, Indrani Medhi, Microsoft Research India; Raghu Menon, Microsoft Research India; Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research India; Kentaro Toyama

The Bank Account is not Enough: Examining Strategies for Financial Inclusion in India, Olga Morawczynski, University of Edinburgh; David Hutchful, Microsoft Research India; Nimmi Rangaswamy, Microsoft Research India; Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research India

Collage: A Presentation Tool for the Developing-World School Teacher, Saurabh Panjwani, Microsoft Research India; Navkar Samdaria, ; Aakar Gupta, Microsoft Research; Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research India; Kentaro Toyama

ICTD Research by Africans: Origins, Interests, and Impact, Paul Plantinga, Monash University; Shikoh Gitau, University of  Cape Town; Kathleen Diga,

A Study of Connectivity in Millennium Villages in Africa, Jyotsna Puri; Patricia Mechael, Earth Instute; Roxana Cosmaciuc; Daniela Sloninsky; Vijay Modi, Columbia University; Matt Berg; Nadi Kaonga, Columbia University; Uyen Kim Hyunh, Seth Ohemeng-Dapaah; Maurice Baraza; Afolayan Emmanuel; Sia Lyimo,

Research and Reality: Using Mobile Messages to Promote Maternal Health in Rural India, Divya Ramachandran, UC Berkeley; Vivek Goswami, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology; John Canny, UC Berkeley

Managing Microfinance with Paper, Pen and Digital Slate, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan, Microsoft Research India; Sunandan Chakraborty, INRIA; Kentaro Toyama; Pushkar Chitnis, Microsoft Research India; Keng Siang Ooi; Matthew Phiong; Mike Koenig,

Robit: An Extensible Auction-based Market Platform for Challenged Environments, Azarias Reda, University of Michigan; Quang Duong, University of Michigan; Timur Alperovich, University of Michigan; Brian Noble, University of Michigan; Yidnekachew Haile, HilCoe College

Impact of Low-Cost, On-Demand Information Access in a Remote Ghanaian Village, Cliff Schmidt, Literacy Bridge; Trina Gorman, Literacy Bridge; Michael Shayne Gary, Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales; Andrew  Bayor, Literacy Bridge

Looking beyond ‘information provision’:  The importance of being a kiosk operator in the  Sustainable Access in Rural India (SARI) project, TamilNadu, Janaki Srinivasan, UC Berkeley

SPRING: Speech and Pronunciation Improvement through Games, for Hispanic children, Anuj Tewari, UC Berkeley; Nitesh Goyal, RWTH; Matthew Chan; Tina Yau, Berkeley; John Canny, UC Berkeley; Ulrik Schroeder, RWTH

In finalising papers for publication, authors should follow IEEE formats and styles, and should limit the length to 8000 words maximum. Samples of the formats and styles are available in .pdf and .doc.

Programme Committees

Conference Chair
Tim Unwin (Royal Holloway, University of London) (chair[at]

General Programme Chair
Dorothea Kleine (Royal Holloway, University of London) (programme[at]

Programme Committee Chair
Kentaro Toyama  (University of California, Berkeley)

Senior Programme Committee
Richard Anderson (University of Washington)
Michael Best  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Eric Brewer  (University of California, Berkeley)
Jenna Burrell  (University of California, Berkeley)
Jonathan Donner  (Microsoft Research)
Richard Duncombe (University of Manchester)
Hernan Galperin (University of San Andres)
Alison Gillwald (Research ICT Africa)
Dean Karlan  (Yale University)
Dorothea Kleine  (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Alemayehu Molla (RMIT University)
Tapan Parikh  (University of California, Berkeley)
Balaji Parthasarathy (International Institute of Information Technology IIIT Bangalore)
Krithi Ramamritham (International Institute of Information Technology IIT Bombay)
Kentaro Toyama (University of California, Berkeley)
Mark Warschauer (University of California, Irvine)